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815 thoughts on “What does depression feel like? (Archived Comments)

  • Shannon

    Depression is like getting lost in the wood with no way to find your way out. You walk and walk and everything looks the same. All you feel is dispair.

  • Danielle

    Depression is like everyone else in the world has disappeared and you are left all alone..and their is nothing you can do to change things…their is no one to listen and no one to care.

  • sycamore

    Deppression is like being on the edge of despair….
    It is as the snapping of twigs…thin, brittle, crisp with intent.
    A slightness of pressure, brief hesitation, then sharp crackling bits are pummeled, wedging slivers deep into the emptiness.

  • anne

    depression feels like being trapped underwater, and trying to grow gills by sheer force of will. and at the same time being painfully conscious of the fact that it’s damn near impossible. and we’re supposed to ‘think’ our way better, to think positive. but if thinking is my disease, and my brain is sick and can’t be trusted then… how? i just chase my tail until i’m so tired i want to throw up. depression feels like a death sentence; once you’ve gone through all the medications and therapies, all there is to do is wait to die.

  • Paul

    It surrounds me and consumes me, smothering my will to live with the urge to destroy myself. There have been times in my life when I’ve felt better, but I’ve always lived in fear that it will return… and each time it gets worse. I feel like it has become a miserable, inseparable part of who I am.

  • David

    Depression is like a cold darkness descending upon you. You feel scared and lonely. You have thoughts, that people do not care about you. It rob me this year from my teaching job. Depression is like total darkness robbing your energy.

  • Kevin

    Depression is hell. I used to enjoy life immensely and I was a very talkative person. Now, I sometimes wish that I would not wake up in the morning. It would be one way to end the pain. Something just feels off or wrong but it is difficult to describe exactly what that is. I have become socially isolated and just feel empty. Nothing I do gives me any joy and I almost feel helpless. I feel slowed down mentally.

  • james

    Hell…pure hell. All you want to do is die and stop the pain. blow your head off, hang yourself, etc etc. anything to stop hurting

  • sara

    Depression is the feeling of hopelessness, feeling useless and worthless…and when you’re depressed all you want is for it to just go away, no matter how. I would do anything and everything to end my depression…and that is the scariest part of it.
    It’s when I can’t get myself out of bed in the mornings, when I can’t eat or sometimes I even overeat, it’s when I don’t enjoy the things I used to and it’s when every day I struggle with myself just to survive the day until it’s night and then the whole thing starts all over again, it’s when I can’t concentrate or have no control over my thoughts, it’s when I start thinking irrationally, when I start blaming myself or feeling endless guilt for no reason at all…that is how I feel when I am depressed.

  • Lutchi

    It feels like being close to madness but never being able to make sure which side of “the sanity line” you are standing on. Giving consent to insanity seems like a solution but it also feels like weakness. Depresion (or, Melancholia) is a constant situation of “in-betweenness”.

  • Anna

    It feels as if I am drowning, constantly struggling for air, struggling to come up to the surface and have just another breath of fresh air. And when I do, it comes as a relief – my brain and body receive the needed oxygen. But this relief is so ephemeral because soon that breath of air is not enough, and I have to keep struggling to get another one. And with each time I am growing more and more tired and I am afraid that soon I will have to give up. It’s not that I don’t want to live – I do; it’s just that my strength capacity is very limited.

  • Mahalia

    Depression feels like everything else in the world is right, and you are wrong. There is a constant feeling of uselessness, like there is no purpose for you in the world, other than any thing negative.

  • Steve

    I feel like I am just “going through the motions” of an empty and devoid life. I am falling in a bottomless hole without the knowledge or power to escape the relentless gravitational pull. And the darkness …. man …. I can’t “see” a thing.

  • RedMan

    Depression is like being in a dark curved tunnel, there is just a hint of light ahead but no matter how far you move forward you never seem to fully see the light.

  • Jim

    depression is a feeling that i want to get rid of, but right now, i dont know how.
    its like a dense fog and persistantly cold and rainy weather that feels like there no hope of lifting.

    i feel like i’m at the bottom of the world’s largest mountain and i somehow have to get to the other side. but i have lead boots and i’ve been awake for days

    its like knowing there’s a giant tidal wave approaching as i trduge along a grey beach and i’m going to get swept out to the bottom of the black sea.

    its like trying to walk through waist high cement

    its frustrating and overwhelming. i feel incapicitated by simple chores like laundry and dishes that dont get done for weeks on end. like i’m some sort of invalid.

    its a daily battle to get a shower, put on clothes and get to work and school. i feel like i deserve an award just for the herculean effort it took to show up to class. then i feel awful when i haven’t done my homework again. i am frightened by the university and i want to hide from the buildings and the professors who i feel have to despise me by now. no one wants to hear the excuses. they’ve heard them all before. crack the whip.
    i dont like myself much these days
    i want this feeling to go away.

  • Karen

    Depression to me is like being lost in the forrest. It is dark, cold, lonely, scary and menacing. The fog that settles over it in the dark is smothering as a wet wool blanket. The edge of night is as close as your hand but yet as far away as the farthest star, and then it breaks. Peace settles overhead for a while and gives us a break but then we stumble back into the depth again and quickly and easily lose our way.