Depression Treatment

Image: Winter by Alphonse Mucha

Winter by Alphonse Mucha

Fewer than two-thirds of people with depression ever seek treatment. One reason is that many people still do not consider depression an illness that can or should be treated by a medical professional. However, more than 80% of people with depression can be successfully treated.

Treatment for depression usually utilizes medication or therapy or both. A proper diagnosis is essential for determining the correct treatment, as different types of depression are treated with different medications.

Many insurance companies are reluctant to authorize psychotherapy for treatment of depression, since it is more expensive than a course of medication, but for many people with depression, psychotherapy is an important component of a treatment plan, especially if they have been depressed for a long time. It’s worth challenging your insurance company’s decision if they deny psychotherapy treatment.


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What to Do (On and Off the Web) While You’re Waiting for Your Antidepressants to Kick In

Image: Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

I’ve been there; I’ve done that. I’ve suffered from depression nearly my whole life, and wasn’t diagnosed till I was 27. I know all the stages you go through when you’re waiting those six interminable weeks for your antidepressant meds to start working. So, as my gift to you, since I know your mind might be kind of cloudy if you’re depressed right now, I’ve compiled this list of suggestions. I hope they give you some moments of relief. Just so I’m not accused of discriminating against non-depressives, you all who don’t suffer from depression can feel free to check out my suggestions too. Someone pointed out to me that it takes some people more than six weeks to feel much better. That’s definitely true. Everyone’s different, and some people could even take fewer than six weeks to feel normal again. And the newer antidepressants can take considerably less time than six weeks to be effective. This guide is divided the way it is as just a general guideline. Continue reading