What to Expect When You go to a Psychiatrist

Image: Miranda: The Tempest by John William Waterhouse

The Tempest by John William Waterhouse

Many people are reluctant to visit a psychiatrist because there’s a stigma associated with visiting a mental health specialist. However, these trained professionals can bring about a host of positive changes in your life if only you’re open to the idea of seeking help. It’s natural to be apprehensive about your first visit to a psychiatrist, but there’s nothing to worry about, as you’ll soon discover for yourself. Continue reading


Mental Health Woes Plague ‘Cyberbullies’ and Their Victims

Teens who “cyberbully” others via the Internet or cell phones are
more likely to suffer from both physical and psychiatric troubles, and
their victims are at heightened risk, too, a Finnish study finds.

survey of almost 2,500 teens found that more than 7 percent of teens
bullied other teens online, about 5 percent were targets of this
aggressive behavior, and 5.4 percent said they were both bullies and

“People may wonder how similar teens in Finland are to
teens in the U.S., but national research that I recently published
indicates that rates of traditional bullying and victimization from
bullying are very similar among kids in both countries,” said Dr.
Matthew Davis, an associate professor of pediatrics, internal medicine
and public policy at the University of Michigan.

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