Antidepressant Medications at a Glance

Generic Name
Brand Names
Drug Family
amitriptylineElavil, Typtanol, Saroten, Tryptizoltricyclicantidepressant
bupropionWellbutrin, Wellbutrin SR, Odranalaminoketoneantidepressant
desipramineNorpramin, Pertofrantricyclicantidepressant
doxepinAdapin, Sinequan, Zonalontricyclicantidepressant
mirtazepineRemeron, Remeron SolTabtetracyclicantidepressant, antipanic
paroxetinePaxil, AropaxSSRIantidepressant
reboxetineVestra, Edronax, NoreboxsNRIantidepressant
trazodoneDesyrel, Trialodinetriazolopyridineantidepressant
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Your Mileage May Vary (with Medication)

The dentist was drilling one of my teeth down to get it ready for a crown the other day. Two and a half hours – not all the time spent drilling, of course, but long enough. By the end, I was ready to fight my way out of the chair, if necessary. I’m a big baby when it comes to having my teeth drilled. I hate the noise of the drill. I flinch each time the dentist turns it on.

Of course, the dentist gave me a big old shot of Novocaine or something along those lines. I think it took a full minute for the injection, and after about ten minutes I couldn’t feel most of that side of my face. That’s the way I like it, though. Like I said, I’m a big baby when it comes to this. But the whole procedure, which included some time that the dentist had to go check on other patients, was, as I said, two and a half hours. After less than two hours I could feel that the Novocaine was starting to wear off substantially.

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