Short daily bouts of meditation may improve caregivers’ health –

A yoga meditation program could reduce depression symptoms and boost mental health, a study finds, and that’s not all—it may also show benefits at the cellular level.

The study, published recently in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, involved 49 caregivers ranging in age from 45 to 91 who were taking care of family members with dementia. Caregivers are at risk for high stress levels, often with no outlet or relief, which can lead to health problems.

The participants were randomly assigned to two programs: Kundalini yoga Kirtan Kriya meditation or passive relaxation with instrumental music. The yoga meditation program included breathing, chanting and repetitive finger movements, call mudras. Both were done for 12 minutes a day for eight weeks.

via Short daily bouts of meditation may improve caregivers’ health –

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