Michael Phelps on struggle with depression and mental health issues – TODAY.com

As the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps seems to have it all: 28 Olympic medals (23 of them gold), a beautiful wife and son — with baby number two on the way. But he hasn’t always felt that way. “I can tell you I’ve probably had at least half a dozen depression spells that I’ve gone through. And the one in 2014, I didn’t want to be alive,” Phelps told TODAY. share link Michael Phelps opens up about his struggle with depression, and how he’s found happiness today.

In 2014, the Olympian was arrested for driving under the influence for the second time and suspended by USA Swimming for six months. After this incident, he locked himself in his bedroom for four days.

“But going through my all-time low, you know, kind of seeing where I was and then seeing what I have now, I’m so thankful for my family and friends around me who were able to help me and were able to communicate with me,” explained Phelps who is an ambassador for Colgate’s “Save the Water” campaign.

Phelps remembered compartmentalizing his dark feelings rather than working through what was bothering him.

Read on: Michael Phelps on struggle with depression and mental health issues – TODAY.com

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