Links – Mood Disorders in Children

Image: Carnation, Lilly, Lilly, Rose by John Singer Sargent

Carnation, Lilly, Lilly, Rose by John Singer Sargent

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  • Bipolar Disorder in Children and Teens
  • Childhood Bullying and Depression
  • Childhood Depression
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  • Diagnosing and Treating Dysthymia in Children
  • Facts for Families
  • Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation
  • NAMI Child and Adolescent Action Center
  • Pediatric ECT
  • Preventing Depression in High-Risk Children
  • Psychiatric Medication for Children and Adolescents - Part 1 - How Medications are Used
  • Risk Factors for Child and Teen Suicide
  • The Anxious Child
  • The Balanced Mind Foundation
  • What are risk factors for childhood depression?
  • Youth Suicide Prevention
  • Youth Suicide Prevention Program