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  • Choosing a Psychiatrist
  • Finding Help Through Psychotherapy
  • How does depression change you? Can you ever be yourself again?
  • Melissa's Therapy FAQ
  • Psychiatric Medication for Children and Adolescents - Part 1 - How Medications are Used
  • So You Don't Want to Go to a Psychiatrist!
  • Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Psychotherapy
  • When Your Therapist Screws Up
  • Why Do Some People Prefer "Natural" Treatment for Depression?
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    Resistance to Antidepressant Treatment

    2017-10-14 00:28:52


    Depression: Doctors Are Turning to Ketamine for Treatment |

    There hasn’t been a major depression-drug breakthrough in nearly three decades, but a number of factors are
    2017-07-31 11:14:05


    ADHD and Depression: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management

    To most people, depression means feeling blue or down in the dumps. This is an almost universal experience for
    2014-11-12 11:05:14


    Sleep Therapy Is Expected to Gain a Wider Role in Depression Treatment –

    An insomnia therapy that scientists just reported could double the effectiveness of depression treatment is not
    2013-11-26 13:02:06