Depression May Increase The Risk Of Dementia Later On : NPR

Depression can have physical consequences. Research now suggests that when people get depressed in middle age and beyond, they’re more likely to develop dementia in old age.

But the link between remains something of a mystery. Researchers are working to understand why that occurs and what might be done to prevent dementia.

Brain researcher with the University of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine has spent years trying to answer this question. She asks, "What is it about a mood disorder that is relatively treatable, that people can recover from; what is it in the brain that may increase one’s risk for dementia many years later?"

Dementia can be caused by different diseases, including and , which follows a stroke or series of mini strokes. In a , Butters found that the risk for both of those types of dementia nearly doubled among people who had suffered depression after the age of 50.

via Depression May Increase The Risk Of Dementia Later On : Shots – Health News : NPR.

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