Better Services for Mental Health – The Daily Collegian

The reasons for this consistent rise in depression among college students remain unconfirmed, but it is clear that colleges must provide increasingly exemplary health services to students suffering from debilitating mental illnesses.

To quote Amherst native Emily Dickinson, suffering from depression is akin to feeling a “funeral in the brain.” When a wave of melancholy hits, one feels like an incredibly insignificant speck in the universe, like every light in the world has not simply been shut off but smashed, never to shine again.

It is an incredible loneliness. However, it is an illness that more than one in three college students suffers from, myself included, and that number is rising. With these sorts of statistics, one would think colleges and universities would have strict, fast-moving services in place to aid students with mental health illnesses. Unfortunately, the University of Massachusetts’ mental health services have much to improve on.

via The Daily Collegian.